Our Policies

Code of Conduct - Gymnasts
• Please be ready for your session 5 minutes before you are due to start, having been to the toilet.
• If you are more than 10 minutes late you may not be able to join your class as the warm up would have already started.
• Have a drink with you for every session.
• Remove all jewellery, including earrings, necklaces, bracelets & rings. Please use your own earring tape. We do not provide this.
• Hair is to be tied back securely.
• Clothing: leotard and shorts for girls and boys. Or shorts and t-shirts. If you are not wearing suitable clothing you will not be able to take part in your session.
• You are not permitted on any equipment until your coach has advised you to do so.
•Please listen to your coach at all times and follow their instructions.
• All members are expected to maintain a good standard of behaviour at all times and must treat all coaches & fellow gymnasts with respect. Should poor behaviour be displayed on a regular basis the coach will contact the parent / carer to ask that they are collected. Should this behaviour continue the participant will be asked to leave the club.
• Failure to attend your class on a regular basis without a valid reason and prior notification will result in losing your place.
• Any injuries that have occurred within the gym must be reported to a coach in order that the relevant accident forms are completed.
• Any discipline matters or concerns should be discussed with the gymnasts coach or alternatively with Theresa at a mutually convenient time.
• No food is to be consumed within the gym or taken up to the changing rooms.
• No eating during your session.
• No mobile phones in the gym. Please leave them at the desk or don’t bring them.
• All Members must adhere to CGC Leisure Ltd’s Policies and Procedures which are located at the front desk.

Code of Conduct - Parents
• Should you wish to watch your child during their session; we must reiterate that you look through the window. Please do not open the gym doors.
• Please ensure that if you have other children with you that they do not climb or stand on the sofa or chairs.
• There is a table in the reception area with books & a few toys. Please put the items back after use.
• If food is eaten in the reception please put all rubbish in the bin.
• Please do not enter the gym during the session. If you need to get a message to your child ask the member of staff on the desk and they will ensure that your child is advised.
• All fees are to be paid by the 16th of each month at the very latest. £10.00 late fee will be applied to all outstanding fees after this date. Persistence in paying your fees late will result in your child’s membership being revoked and losing their place.
• If you know you will be late paying your fees one month please advise the member of staff on the desk.
• If you are experiencing financial difficulties in paying your fee’s please contact Debie on canterburygymnastics@outlook.com
• Please email canterburygymnastics@outlook.com if your child will be absent from class.
• Your gymnast will need to be ready for their session 5 minutes before their class starts having already been to the toilet and have a drink with them.
• Please allow plenty of time to gain entry through the door using their membership card. It is a Safety Requirement that all gymnasts are signed in.
• Please ensure all shoes are removed prior to entering the gym.
• Photography is not permitted at any time.
• It is not acceptable to be abusive or rude to any member of staff at anytime. This will result in immediate cancellation of membership.
• Gymnasts must be collected on time. We are unable to let gymnasts leave the building without a suitable adult / parent collecting them. In order to safeguard our gymnasts we are required to contact the Local Authority if your child is either, collected regularly, or, more than 20 minutes late.  

Anti Bullying
It is our aim to provide all our members with a happy, safe and fulfilling experience when attending our gymnastic club. We hope to help all our gymnasts achieve their potential by raising their self esteem, giving positive feedback and ensuring all our sessions are structured and fun. We aim for all our participants to work as a team especially our squads and do not tolerate competitive individual behaviour as every gymnast’s learns at different paces and all participants have varying skills.

There are different sorts of bullying, but the three main types are:
• Physical hitting, kicking, taking or hiding belongings including money
• Verbal name calling, teasing, insulting, writing unkind notes
• Emotional being unfriendly, excluding, tormenting, spreading rumours, looks

Bullying is an anti social behaviour which will not be tolerated in our club; it undermines the confidence, self esteem and happiness of the victim and can lead to lack of concentration, depression and in some cases leaving the club.

Any concerns regarding bullying can be reported directly to our Welfare Officer or communicated to the coaches. Concerns will be dealt with immediately. We will listen to ‘both sides’ in private and record information to report to the parents of the children involved. We will involve the parents and children in deciding the outcome and any sanctions which may need to take place to ensure the bully changes their behaviour.

In cases where bullying continues after warnings and sanctions, the bully will be asked to leave our club.

Complaints and Grievances

Canterbury Gymnastics Club places the welfare and safety of its members as its highest priority.
The Club is bound by the British Gymnastics Procedures for complaints,disciplinary issues, membership suspensions and expulsions.
Copies of the British Gymnastics Complaints Procedure (and all other procedures) are available from British Gymnastics or from the Club.

The Club has a designated Welfare Officer (Helen Brown 07941 778057)

Child Safe Guarding Policy and Essential Information